A new paradigm for investment in the arts.

> Mission

CultureBank is mobilizing community cultural assets in order to achieve shared health and prosperity.


We can build healthy communities!

Youth artists work with the Tenderloin Healthy Cornerstore Coalition to replace beer advertisments with art.


> Vision

CultureBank envisions a truly equitable world where community assets of all kinds are valued.


Cultural traditions promote social cohesion and benefit communities.

What if we valued them along with other cultural and financial resources when we thought of a community’s value?


> Why?

We need a new system for community investment.

And we know that artists and their enterprises have a demonstrated ability to work with and in community to illuminate hidden assets and spark the collective imagination—but they are significantly undervalued and undercapitalized.


Artists and their unique enterprises are the key to a new system of community investment.


> How?

CultureBank utilizes three innovations that make it a distinctive collaborative investment model:

  1. Invest in artists and their enterprises to cultivate hidden assets and spark collective imagination in order to generate community health and shared prosperity.

  2. The asset mix that capitalizes CultureBank includes all kinds of assets, from art to language skills, community safety, and more.

  3. Rather than “return on investment,” social impact brought about by cultural activities is valued and understood as ripples of investment.



> What?

CultureBank is completing a proof-of-concept phase focused on identifying artist entrepreneurs who are doing powerful work in communities of interest, and developing a knowledge base through case studies and case examples.

CultureBank has launched key partnerships  in order to undertake demonstration projects and pilots in multiple communities of interest, including the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas.