CultureBank Background

> We Need a New Paradigm

The consequences of living in poverty are increasingly severe.

The CultureBank paradigm involves understanding “poor” communities as possessing assets of value, opportunity, and inspiration.

Investors are often unable to recognize assets existing in a community.

To date, we have missed so many opportunities to enable artist entrepreneurs to unleash these hidden assets and generate community health and shared prosperity.

> CultureBank creates the new paradigm

Unlike traditional models, we place culture at the core of the investment strategy instead of considering it a hoped-for benefit of the investment process. And we bring this model directly to where cultural shift is happening: creative entrepreneurs and their enterprises.


> We Can Change the System

We can develop an ecosystem of artist entrepreneurs who build value in communities.

We can invest in artists to develop undervalued community assets that contribute to community health and well-being, including food security and safety.

We can invest productively and imaginatively through integrated capital.

We can produce compelling and replicable examples of artist entrepreneurs leveraging community change.

> A New System
Our model draws from the best attributes of community banks, social financiers, community development finance institutions (CDFIs), and place making.


> Our Principles

CultureBank Principles.png