The consequences of living in poverty are increasingly severe,

We need a new paradigm. 


One that involves understanding "poor" communities as communities with assets of value, opportunity, and inspiration.


We are seeking to trigger a culture shift in social impact investing and community development systems, so that community wealth (including assets of all kinds) is understood, leveraged and shared.



How we're doing it.

Release potential of artist entrepreneurs.


Invest productively and imaginatively through integrated capital and other assets.


Produce compelling and replicable examples of artist entrepreneurs leveraging community change.


Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Our strategies are driven by principles.

+ Be community and equity driven.

+ Impact wealth development in low-income communities.

+ Leverage undervalued community assets as well as new investment streams.



Still Curious?

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