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Kate Spacek

KATE SPACEK is an Artist; her medium is People. She designs and facilitates co-creative experiences that foster agency and ownership. Each experience connects people, sparks new ideas, instigates relevant dialogue, and stretches what is possible.

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Bay AreaEmily Reynolds
Favianna Rodriguez

Favianna Rodriguez is an artist and entrepreneur based in Oakland, and the executive director and cultural strategist of CultureStrike, a national nonprofit focused on cultural equity. Rodriguez believes that the most effective way to create social, political, and cultural change is through representation and narrative. Through all of her endeavors Rodriguez empowers marginalized communities to change narratives and build power.

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Wildflowers Institute

Wildflowers Institute, led by Hanmin Liu and Jennifer Mei, helps foundations and local governments identify and foster the informal ways communities sustain themselves. Liu and Mei identify the elements that define a neighborhood’s culture and then amplify those elements for sustainable, positive outcomes. “Basically, we go into a community like a tuning fork, find the frequency that makes the neighborhood resonate, and then hit the tuning fork—hard,” says Liu.

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BE-IMAGINATIVE is a collective of artists and activists dedicated to healing black and brown communities through multidimensional storytelling. Based in Oakland, California, the group was cofounded by Ayesha Walker and Benjamin “BJ” McBride. With a mission to #disrupthopelessness, BE-IMAGINATIVE builds strong and vibrant communities among survivors of gun violence by hosting healing retreats, re-creating traditional ceremonies, and memorializing through visual and performing arts.

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