Community is the context for what we do. It's also the central player.



- Any artist that works within a community to identify the value and potential and works to unlock those values.


We have identified 3 types of Artist Entrepreneurs.


High Potential / High Risk young entrepreneurs with little revenue.



Revenue-producing enterprises that have capacity to magnify community assets, increase revenue, and achieve measurable outcomes, given outside investment.


Mature organizations with sizable revenue that are poised for significant growth and have capacity, with investment, to magnify community assets and achieve measurable outcomes.


Undervalued assets can be found in communities across the globe

+ Intergenerational connection and understanding

+ Language Skills

+ Healing practices

+ Public open space / natural beauty

+ Ability to work successfully with youth

+ Cultural Knowledge


+ Tons of others!


Unlocking these assets will require NEW types of investment streams like...

  • outcomes-based investments
  • investment among and within community members/enterprises
  • revenue that flows from community assets
  • art pledged as an asset
  • pooled philanthropic dollars
  • social impact funds not previously available to artist entrepreneurs
  • investment returns flowing into a commons



We think of "Returns" as "Ripples"

SHORT TERM: Basic economic return in the form of repayment with some short-term improvement in community assets.



MEDIUM TERM: Repayment stream from strengthened capacity of the enterprise, with evidence of positive outcomes (in health, education, public safety, employment, etc.) identified by the community and associated with the increasing value of community assets.



LONG TERM: Greatly enhanced capacity in the investee pool, such that these enterprises further expand their own community impact and seed - directly or indirectly - other entrepreneurial ventures. And help prepare the community for additional leveraging investments. They have generated long-term measurable social and economic outcomes. There has been a real and tangible shift towards shared prosperity.